Signing software download

Before downloading your software, please ensure you take the following steps:

We have produced a guide to walk you through the installation process step-by-step, and advise you on the appropriate
hardware and software requirements. Please ensure you refer to this before activating the download process, by visiting the help pages.

It is essential that the software is installed by a user with Administrative rights to your machine. Contact your IT department or third party IT provider if required.

If you use Bacstel-IP/Secure-IP and another product referenced in the below menu, please only select 'Bacstel-IP/Secure-IP' as your product and download the latest available Barclays eSigner IS software version only.

Please note: Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox are not supported browsers for 'Bacstel-IP/Secure-IP, BMAP & GTP’.


Checking hashes...


How to find your card number

Smart Cards

Input the last 12 digits from the long number on the smart card.

Biometric Devices

Locate the long number on the SIM card. Use the last 12 digits from the SIM card number, and ignore the last two digits on the right end of the number.


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